Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taste of Shivaya Second Club Selection

Hi Everyone!

Happy Spring to all of you. Today seems like the perfect day to post our color choices for our second Taste of Shivaya club selection. As many of you know, Anne Hanson has designed a beautiful spring lace scarf for this shipment, and we are really excited to bring three beautiful color choices to all of you.

1. Ocean ~ A stunning turquoise blue that Anne herself to create the pattern
2. Lime: speaks for itself. A great soft lime green color that will certainly enhance any spring outfit
3. Sunset: For those that want a variegated look, we have sunset. A blend of orange and reds, that is kettle dyed to ensure that there is no patterened effect.

Each skein will contain 1000 yards. Anne's pattern only calls for 400 yards, so you will plenty left over to create a second scarf, or an entirely new project.

Please note, we only dye about 4-5 skeins per dye lot, so if you do think that you will want more yarn for another project, please place your order ASAP by emailing us at to ensure exact color matches.

All color choices need to be received by this Tuesday, March 24th. We will send out email reminders on Monday morning.

Happy Spring to all of you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Second Club Package Colors

Hi Everyone!

Just a bit of club news

We will be posting pics on our two new colors this Saturday, March 21st. We need to have everyon's color selections in by Monday, March 23rd. We will send out invoices on the 24th, and those need to be received by the 27th.

Anne's has finished her and blocked her piece for the club, and it can be found on her website,

I am so excited for this next selection. The yarn is one of my true favorites, and Anne's pattern looks spectacular.

Everyone's cowls have looked amazing, and I really hope that you have all enjoyed knitting it up.

We will be sending out our first full newsletter tomorrow, and we will be sending out reminder emails for all of our club members on the upcoming dates.

Happy Knitting

Monday, March 9, 2009

Finished my first cowl

I finished yesterday. This was a great pattern. I really like how the finished product came out and really liked this binding off method I'll definitely use it again. I do have one question any recommendations on what I should (or should not) wash my cowl in?