Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taste of Shivaya Third Club Selection

Wow, we are into our June selection already!

This month we have some very vibrant superwash sock yarn to feature. We have had some issues with the ways that colors are coming up on monitors, so I want you all to know that these are vibrant bold colors.

We have sunburst, which is a beautiful combination of yellow and oranges that just screams bright, sunny summer day.

Kara was based on the colors that only Springtime can bring; vibrant greens, roses and orange.

Nature is a combo of turquoise, orange and a deep green. We called it nature because it encompasses the colors of the grass, the oceans and sun.




Please try and make your selection by Thursday evening. We will send invoices out on Monday the 18th.

We are so excited for the amazing sock pattern that is on it's way, and for all of you to experience our superwash sock yarn.

As a side note, this blog will be moving to a new hosting in the coming days as we transfer from Blogger to wordpress. I think that you will enjoy the format of the new blog much more.

We will be holding a very large contest for the first three people who complete this month's club selection. As soon as I have the pattern details from Kirsten, I will let you know what needle size to have ready to go.

Please email all selections to heather@shivayanaturals.com

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  1. Hi Pam,

    Congratulations you have won two patterns of your choice in my giveaway (http://www.claresplaceblog.blogspot.com)! Please email me at clare@claresplace.com.au with your mailing address and the names of the patterns you would like.

    Thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway.